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What are people saying about D.O.C

City Weekend - 5 / 5 Stars "D.O.C. pretty much nailed it. It has the location, the ambiance, the food, the chef and the service. It is Shanghai’s best pizza restaurant, if not the city’s most complete neighborhood restaurant, full stop" Click here to read the full review.




Timeout Shanghai - 4 / 5 Stars "the incredibly moist and not too sweet tiramisu comes pretty close to its brag of being ‘the best in the whole wide wide world!'" 


Smart Shanghai - "A great deal of ingredients are imported and quite regionally specific. D.O.C brings in jet-fresh buffalo mozzarella from Campania, jade green olives from Castelvetrano, prosciutto ham from San Daniele, sea salt from Sardinia. They even make the pizza dough with bottled Acqua Panna"











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